22 March 2012

Biography of Morshedul Islam

মোরশেদুল ইসলাম
Morshedul Islam
Born 1 December 1958 
               Dhaka, Bangladesh 
Occupation: Filmmaker, Producer, Screenwriter
Years active: 1984 – present 

Personal Information of Morshedul Islam
Morshedul Islam is a popular film director of Bangladesh. He is a successful symbol in the film industry of Bangladesh and also involved with independent filmmaking.
Morshedul Islam was born in 1 December 1958 in Dhaka. He had his B. Pharm (Hon’s) and M. Pharm degree from Dhaka University. He introduced himself as a filmmaker in 1984 with the short film “Agami” while he was a student. With the film “Agami”, there started a short film revolution in Bangladesh, which is known as ‘Alternate Film Movement’ later. “Nouka O Jibon”, “Shuchona”, “Chaka”, “Dipu Number Two”, “Dukai”, “Brishty”, “Shorot 71”, “Durotto”, “Khelaghor” are some of the famous films made by him. He and his films took part in more than 40 international film festivals in different countries of Asia, Europe and America till now. His recent film "Priyotomeshu" is the first film in Bangladesh to get censor certificate in DV format. It was screened in various cinemas across Bangladesh in DVD using hidef multimeida projectors. His latest work AMAR BONDHU RASHED released in March 15, 2011 based on the book of the same name by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal.

Creation of Morshedul Islam
Year   Film
2009  Priyotomeshu
2006  Khelaghor
2004  Durotto
2000  Shorot 71
2000  Brishty
1997  Dukhai
1993  Chaka
1988  Shuchona
1986  Nouka O Jibon
1984  Agami 

Awards and honors
1984 Best Short Film National award -Agami
1985 Best direction award in International Film Festival Delhi
1983 International Critics Award in International Filmfestival Mannheim
1994 Best Film and Best Director Award in Dunkurk Film Festival of France -Chaka
1997 Nine national awards with Best Film Award -Dukhai

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