17 January 2012

Bangla new movie Ghetuputra Komola (Humayun Ahmed)

Bangla new movie Ghetuputra Komola -leasure Boy Komola (2012) Free Movie, Trailer, Music Video & Images Download 

Movie              Pleasure Boy Komola |  Ghetuputra Komola                    
Directed By     Humayun Ahmed     
Written By       Humayun Ahmed
Screenplay By Humayun Ahmed
Mamun, Tarik Anam , Joyonto, Agun, Kuddus Boyati , Munmun Ahmed, Tomalika, Abdullah Rana, Samima Naznin....
Release Date     

Produced By     
Nuhash Chalachittra Ltd.,Impress Telefilm.

Plot Outline       
Almost a hundred and fifty years ago,a musical revelation swept through Jolshukha village of Hobiganz-a revelation in the mystifying Ghetu sangeet.Ormusic of the Ghetus, and the uncanny aura of lust it brought along. Ghetu sangeet was known for its traduitional anddistinctly Uchcasangeet inspired music, but what set it apart was the dancing the dancers, called Ghetus, were alluring adolescent boys dressed as girls. The salacios dancing of this young performers was responsible for Gheu sangeet's sexual overtones. Those of the upper class yearned for the Ghetus ' Companionship and, at one point, it become socially acceptable to have these boys as sexual partners. Almost every man seeking a life of luxury spent at least a few nights with him. The man's wives didn't mind. and a from of polygamy evolved. Allusions to this custum are aplenty in Bengal iliterature and music. Feaceful to know . Ghetu sangeet today's is only a memory. The blatant infidelity in the name of folk music is no more. With it, a rather strange ritual is lost.
Ghetuputra Komola_Movie of Humayun Ahmed  

Pleasure Boy Komola |  Ghetuputra Komola Movie poster, images & stills 


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